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Users of the Xbox 360 Kinnect will now be able to access their Netflix account.
Microsoft have been trying to encourage users of their Windows XP operating system not only to upgrade their software, but also their hardware
Apple have admitted issues with their Ipad 2 & users of Verizon.
EU rule that companies using 'cookies' used for tracking on PC's, etc must gain permission
If you not getting enough sleep, is it the PC, mobile, etc that's the cause?
Microsoft are winding up IE6
Microsoft ask employees to write apps in their spare time
Microsoft are still trying to develop their own tablet pc.
Microsoft and Google and their differences between Cloud technology
Some Gmail users have had some problems over the last day or so. Email messages have gone missing, along with labels, themes and other personalized settings. Google is working on fixing this.
Apple's new MacBook Pro shows some quality-of-build problems that shouldn't be seen in a notebook that costs $1,800, a teardown expert said.
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