Data Backup Service

Why do you need to backup your data?
It happens every day. Whether your hard drive simply dies or you've dropped your laptop, a computer crash means critical information is lost. Forever. Unless, of course, your important data files are backed up. Imagine working for hours, days or weeks on a project and then losing it all by a system crash, virus or fire.

Having a backup procedure in place will save you countless hours of work and give you piece of mind knowing your data is safe.
Backup is a crucial part of safe computing. The best backup solution depends on your needs. Specifically, the most important questions is this: How much data do you have to back up right now? If you use a computer you most likely have critical files on your system that you absolutely do NOT want to lose. Backing up an entire hard drive or Operating System is simply inefficient and often unsuccessful when you attempt to recover it.

The fact is that 99% of what you are backing up is easily replaced with your Windows CD! What you really want to do is target the "critical" files on your system...they may be database files, email archives, text files, documents or data files for your favorite software program.

At World Wireless, we can set up a backup plan for you that suits your needs. From small home office backup plans to large corporate backup plans. We can help you keep your data safe. Why risk losing your important data? Call us to get a backup plan now before its too late.

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