The DIGITALK Session Border Controller provides the features, performance, scalability and security capabilities that enable operators to expand and grow network capacity with the full range of DIGITALK retail and wholesale applications.

Key features of the DIGITALK Session Border Controller include:

  • SIP Proxy - High availability point of access for subscriber sessions to the service provider’s network.
  • SIP Registrar - Client registration for DIGITAL applications, such as Broadband Telephony and IP Virtual Office.
  • NAT Traversal - Support user agents on private IP networks via public IP addresses presented by intermediary firewalls or other NAT devices.
  • Virtual LANs - Partitioning of traffic from access networks with overlapping private IP addresses on virtual LANs e.g. Wimax or FTTx access networks.
  • Topology and carrier hiding - Ingress and egress carriers are presented with one or few interconnect addresses. Where required, carrier IP addresses are not transferred across carrier interconnects.
  • Load balancing - Ensures that inbound sessions are distributed to available nodes, particularly DIGITALK Media Application Servers, with the capacity to support the required services.
  • Media relay - IETF RFC3261 RTP media relay support.
  • High availability - Redundancy and availability with automatic failover and recovery are built in from component, to node to session.
  • High performance and scalability - Each Session Border Controller scales to support over a million subscribers.
  • Security and QoS - Block invalid sessions and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. Real-time fraud prevention controls. Diffserv traffic labeling for QoS control.
  • Multiple services - Designed to support all services on the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform, from Prepaid Cards through Broadband Telephony and IP Virtual Office to Prepaid Wholesale.
  • Common management - Network and carrier configuration and monitoring within the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform Operations Support suite, plus open SNMP support for external management.

Protection of the service provider’s network against unintended errors or malevolent attacks is a critical capability of the border controller. Validation and protection of subscriber and carrier access is supported by the DIGITALK Session Border Controller. Feature include: Source authentication and authorisation Source barring rules, e.g. due to multiple failed registrations Detection and blocking of Denial of Service (DOS)

As well as managing external subscriber and carrier networkinterfaces, the DIGITALK Session Border Controller ensures effective utilisation of core network resources. Load balancing of incoming sessions across DIGITALK Media Application Servers by availability and resources both enhances individual session performance and maximises total service session capacity.

DIGITALK Session Border Controller is a component of the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform, a full service delivery platform with comprehensive operations and business support tools, real-time rating, least cost routing and web self-care facilities. The DIGITALK Multiservice Platform supports solution deployment in both PSTN and NGN environments, with the option to migrate services from legacy to IP networks. DIGITALK offers a range of service-ready residential, business and prepaid applications, all supported on the Intelligent Switch. All applications are designed to address the key features needed to access new market opportunities while maximising the return on investment to the service provider. Applications available on the Multiservice Platform include: Broadband Telephony: Complete end to end solution enabling a full residential telephony service.

  • IP Virtual Office. Full IP Centrex service for SMEs with auto-attendant, voicemail and fax.
  • Service Numbers. Hosted inbound call management with multi-level IVR and geographic routing.
  • Conferencing. Inbound audio conferencing. Prepaid Residential. Indirect access service. Prepaid Mobile. Prepaid solution for MVNOs. Prepaid Cards. Prepaid solution supporting flexible rating and white label branding. Prepaid Wholesale. Wholesale destinations backed by real-time rating and balance management.


Business Platform


DIGITALK SBC VoIP Peering offers carriers and wholesale service providers a highly scalable, high availability carrier routing platform with automated margin and quality-based routing plus real-time rating and balance control.

Network Features
Signaling Interworking Configurable H.323, SIP and SIP-T signaling options support variances in carrier signaling implementation, such as privacy method and address manipulation. Carrier and Topology Hiding With defined points of interconnect, VoIP carriers protect their deployment topology, while full media server capabilities are used to hide address details between external carriers.

Dynamic Media Transcoding
Flexible carrier interworking is achieved through the SBC Media Server’s dynamic transcoding capability enabling operators to expand carrier routing options without deploying additional technologies. Transcoding is supported between G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729, GSM and iLBC codecs.

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