Wireless Networking Help

Follow these simple steps to resolve common Wireless Networking Connection issues.

1)       Switch off the router by pulling out the power adapter from the back of the router.

2)       Allow the router to cool down as it may be too hot, which is quite a common problem.

3)       Switch the router back, allow the lights on the front of the router to stop flickering.

4)       Try opening your Internet browser

5)       To be absolutely sure click on the start button on the bottom left, and select run.  
          Then type cmd and press enter. Type  ipconfig and press enter, then you should have something like this IP Address..... Then type ping bbc.co.uk, and you should see something like this: Reply from

6)       If you haven't managed to bring your wireless connection back into life after following the steps above,  then please ring and we'll be happy to either give you further advice or arrange for one of our expert technicians to visit you.
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